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Hawkers Asian Street Food Back on BeltLine

Hawkers Asian Street Food patio on the Atlanta BeltLine
Hawkers Asian Street Food's patio on the Atlanta BeltLine

It was a long time coming. I was so excited to see Hawkers Asian Street Food re-open on the Atlanta BeltLine. This was one of our favorite neighborhood spots until a kitchen fire shut them down during the pandemic.

It took nearly 3 long years for them to reopen, and I'm glad they're back. If you haven't heard of Hawkers, they serve dishes inspired by street food from all corners of Asia. The name "Hawkers" is a nod to the bustling street stalls you can find in Asian countires. And while they've expanded beyond their roots in Orlando, Hawkers still gives off a local vibe rather than feeling like just another chain.

Their menu is a culinary journey through Asia, from Chinese BBQ Pork bao buns to Indonesian Curry Laksa Ramen and traditional Pad Thai. What's noteworthy is that many of their recipes have been handed down through the families of the 4 friends who started the restaurant, and who have roots in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the U.S.

So on a recent date night, my boyfriend and I snagged a spot on their patio with prime views of the BeltLine. We usually start with the Roti Canai – it's like an Asian croissant, flaky and piping hot.

A basket of Roti Canai flatbread and someone dipping the bread in sauce at Hawkers on the BeltLine
Try the hot, flaky Roti Canai at Hawkers Asian Street Food on the BeltLine

For the main course, he went for the Chow Faan, a house-fried rice loaded with chicken, shrimp, and pork. It was delicious.

I wish I could say my Curry Duck Noodles were as good, but duck can be tough to get right, and it fell a bit short. But I have had plenty of good eats here in the past. I recommend the Korean Twice Fried Wings, and my boyfriend loves the Pad Thai, which is based on a recipe from a great aunt and uncle of one of the 4 founders. And lots of people rave about their Five-Spice Green Beans.

Chow Faan, a fried rice dish at Hawkers on the BeltLine
Chow Faan at Hawkers Asian Street Food on the BeltLine

Plus, I'm seeing lots of other delicious Hawkers menu items from food bloggers blowing up my Instagram and TikTok accounts. I have to say, I'm now craving the ube soft serve, made with purple yams. And check out this review by Girl Meets the Peach for more recommendations.

So if you are looking for delicious Asian food with a cool BeltLine vibe, and some of the best people watching in town, definitely head on down to Hawkers.

We might see you there.

5 Fun Things to Know About Hawkers

1 The Hawkers BeltLine location is slated to have dishes not found anywhere else, like soft serve ice cream flavored with ube (according to AJC).

2 Hawkers builds all their furniture in house - your table and chair were made by hand.

3 Hawkers creates all of their own sauces in a Central Kitchen.

4 The Hawkers founders have hidden signatures in each restaurant. See if you can spot them!

5 Hawkers street stalls in Asia are often coveted real estate and are passed down through generations.

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Author Nicole Gustin at Hawkers patio on the BeltLine
Author Nicole Gustin at Hawkers on the BeltLine in 2021

Nicole Gustin is Founder & CEO of BiteLines Atlanta Food Tours. A native of Atlanta, she loves to travel and prefers to experience places through food. She lives on the Atlanta BeltLine and is passionate about sharing the BeltLine, her hometown and its food scene with tourists and metro Atlantans alike.

BiteLines Atlanta Food Tours offers an authentic experience of Atlanta through Food and Street Art Tours on the BeltLine, and hosts a one-of-a-kind restaurant crawl for dogs.

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