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Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese? Yes to all 3 at Hawkers on the Atlanta BeltLine.

Updated: Apr 30

Long outdoor bar at Hawkers on Atlanta BeltLine
Hawkers on the BeltLine has a long open air bar

There is a uniqueness to street food. It is why I line up for food trucks whenever they appear. It is why I am dream of going to Mexico City.

So I love the idea of taking multiple street food recipes and serving them in a vibrant, open-air restaurant.

Which is Hawkers Asian Street Food, another excellent restaurant on the Atlanta BeltLine.

This week, my boyfriend and I went there for dinner. It wasn't the first time we had eaten their food, but for the past year, we have only gotten takeout from Hawkers. Now that we are fully vaccinated, we are venturing out more.

They have a prime location in SPX Alley (and if you haven't been there, I highly recommend trying all of the restaurants). We got a table on their outdoor patio and settled in among the colorful pillows decorated in Asian prints, watching joggers, bikes, scooters and others go by on the BeltLine.

Author Nicole Gustin seated on Hawkers patio on the BeltLine
Author Nicole Gustin at Hawkers on the BeltLine

Their menu includes food from the different Asian countries. Flatbread from Malaysia. Chinese steamed baos (or are they Korean?). Family recipes like Po Po Lo's Curry (chicken, vegetables and rice curry) and Yi-Yi's chicken dumplings. One of my favorites is the Viet Bún salad, topped with a crunchy egg roll.

The restaurant takes its name from street food vendors. In Asian countries, street sellers (or hawkers) serve authentic family recipes. Their locations even become coveted real estate. Both of these describe Hawkers, the restaurant.

Tacos made from flaky flatbread and filled with meat and rice from BeltLine Hawkers
Tacos made from flaky flatbread and filled with meat and rice from BeltLine Hawkers

My boyfriend, Shawn, loves their Pad Thai, which was not currently on the menu. This is his favorite place to get wings, so he got naked wings with sweet Thai chili sauce on the side. I have tried the battered wings in the past, and thought they were too heavy. But the Korean twice fried wings had a lot of flavor. Shawn also got Chow Faan - fried rice with chicken, shrimp and pork. It was a huge bowl that we ended up taking home.

Whenever we get Hawkers delivery, we add an order of Roti Canai - a flakier version of Naan bread with a homemade curry dipping sauce that I want to paint the world with and eat.

They also make tacos from the roti bread. I considered getting the pork (char siu) but wanted the curry sauce, which comes with chicken. They brought me two huge tacos stuffed with chicken and rice - I could only finish one, and brought the other one home. I salivate when I think about it.

Golden wontons from Hawkers on the Atlanta BeltLine
Golden wontons from Hawkers on the Atlanta BeltLine

We also got the Golden Wontons, which our server said is a popular dish. They are filled with a ground mixture of chicken, shrimp and mushrooms. I think they would be better if each wonton contained a separate filling, not ground. But maybe this is a traditional Asian dish.

After seeing a tray of enticing cocktails delivered to the next table, I got the O.G. Pain Killer for myself, made with rum, pineapple, orange and cream of coconut. I could have drunk 12 (but only had one).

Crates filled with knick knacks at Hawkers on the BeltLine
Hawkers on the BeltLine

My experience with Hawkers has been hit or miss over the past few years. Some of their menu items are mouthwatering, and some leave me wanting pizza. The food was great this time, and we had excellent service.

I recommend that you try them, and experiment with different dishes.

It was a mild evening and we walked on the BeltLine afterward, with our boxes of leftovers, watching new street art going up on bridges and walls.

A man kissing a woman on her cheek on the BeltLine
Author Nicole Gustin and her boyfriend on date night on the Atlanta BeltLine

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Author Nicole Gustin with a parrot on her shoulder
Author Nicole Gustin

Nicole Gustin is Founder & CEO of BiteLines Atlanta Food Tours. A native of Atlanta, she loves to travel and prefers to experience places through food. She lives on the Atlanta BeltLine and is passionate about sharing the BeltLine, her hometown and its food scene with tourists and metro Atlantans alike.

BiteLines Atlanta Food Tours offers an authentic experience of Atlanta through Food and Street Art Tours on the BeltLine, and hosts a one-of-a-kind restaurant crawl for dogs.

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