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5 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Come on this Food Crawl

Looking for something fun to do with your dog? Why not check out this food crawl for dogs! Canines get to sample "people" food at some of the newest restaurants on the Atlanta BeltLine, all while getting some exercise. Plus, it's a great way for you and your fur baby to make new friends.

People and Dogs walking on the Atlanta BeltLine

Above, our Doggie Food Crawl on the BeltLine. Thanks to Instagram Influencer Shelby, her husband and their pup Russell for joining us. Check out her video @booplethesnoot.

Your dog loves you beyond reason. Which is why you spoil them silly. We know, you slip them steak when no one's looking. Maybe you play dress-up, even when they give you that sheepish "really?!" look. There's no shame in any of that, this is your child after all.

We get it, we love dogs too. Nothing makes us happier than to see a doggie "smile." That's why we created this fun activity in Atlanta for dogs - Barks & Bites: Doggie Food Crawl on the BeltLine.

If you want to help your dog live their best life, come join us.

Here are 5 reasons your dog wants to come on this Atlanta BeltLine Food Crawl.

1. They get to sample canine cuisine

Yeah, you bring your doggie with you when you walk on the BeltLine and maybe when you stop somewhere for a bite and brew. But what does your pup get? They're lying on the cold ground praying for a scrap to fall, while you sit on cushy patio chairs, feasting on burgers and fries. It's just not fair.

That's why this food crawl is all about the DOG. Each restaurant makes an entree catered to the canine palette - from ground chicken sliders to vegan nuggets to doggie "ice cream" made with peanut butter and banana, or pumpkin and honey.

And you get small bites too! Plus a cold beer from the BeltLine's new Scottish brewery, Brewdog. You can't beat that. And get some tasty vegan bites from Envegan and delicious ice cream from Butter & Cream.

A Yorkie eating a slider at Brewdog on the BeltLine

Above, our friend Zoe chowing down on a ground chicken slider at Brewdog. She gives their burger 5 barks.

2. Make new friends

Two dogs kissing at Brewdog, a restaurant on the BeltLine

Above, Rocket and Isla get to know each other on our Doggie Food Crawl, while Erica of Chico's Mafia Tough Dog Apparel meets other paw-rents.

Oh my gosh, meet Rocket and Isla. How cute are these two dogs getting to know each other? You can join other paw-parents who adore their fur baby as much as you do. And your doggie might even find a new playmate.

3. They're bored with their toys

On this crawl, find new places to shop for your dog. Explore some of the coolest pet stores and groomers in town, including The Clean Dog, a fixture in Inman Park for pawparents who want their dogs to look their best, or need a doggie hotel.

And we are so excited to share with you the new Woofgang Bakery & Grooming opening in a couple weeks on the BeltLine.

Both places also sell fun toys, apparel and healthy treats you might not be able to find anywhere else.

A dog smiling at Woofgang Bakery and Grooming on the BeltLine

Above, the new Woofgang Bakery and Grooming, opening soon on the BeltLine. Below, The Clean Dog in Inman Park.

A woman smiling at a dog at The Clean Dog in Atlanta

4. They love long walks on the BeltLine

A tired dog is a happy dog, right? And they will sleep well after this long BeltLine walk, totaling about 2.5 to 3 miles. We avoid the crowds on the insanely crowded Eastside Trail and instead head south to Memorial Drive, checking out the next up-and-coming section of the BeltLine. So your doggie has lots of space to stretch their legs without getting run over by scooters and bikes. You get your steps in too!

Tip: if your pup's little legs can't travel that far, bring your doggie stroller like our friend Joelle did (below)!

A Yorkie in a stroller on a Doggie Food Crawl on the BeltLine

Above, Zoe the Yorkie getting a ride.

5. They're looking for a wardrobe refresh

If they're going to put up with the silly outfits you make them wear, they should at least be stylish! We are thrilled to partner with Chico's Mafia Tough Dog Apparel to offer some fashionable and badass dog tees. No promises yet, but owner Erica is even working on a new design for our next Doggie Food Crawl.

Erica holding her dog Chico at Brewdog in Atlanta

Isla, a dog wearing Chico's Mafia Princess tee at Brewdog in Atlanta

Isla wearing a Chico's Mafia Princess tee

Above, Erica and Chico of Chico's Mafia Tough Dog Apparel. Isla with her mom and styling in her new Chico's Mafia Princess Tee. Thanks Erica and Chico for donating these!

The next Doggie Food Crawl on the BeltLine is April 16. But book early, as we are selling out!

People and dogs walking on the Atlanta BeltLine
Barks & Bites: Doggie Food Crawl on the BeltLine

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An Atlanta native, Nicole Gustin is the Founder and CEO of BiteLines, which offers walking Food and Art Tours on the Atlanta BeltLine. She considers the BeltLine her backyard, and is excited to show you how it is reinventing Atlanta. To sample some of Atlanta's best restaurants and street art, join us on our fabulous Food and Art Tour of the Atlanta BeltLine. Or bring your pup on our new Doggie Food Crawl on the BeltLine. Follow on TikTok and Instagram @bitelinesatl.

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