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Atlanta BeltLine Street Art Recreated by 'Black Panther' Artist

Updated: Mar 31

A mural of golden koi on a low wall on the Atlanta BeltLine, by artist Brandon Sadler
A new mural at Junction Krog District by Atlanta artist Brandon Sadler, aka Rising Red Lotus

Atlanta has a history of destroying history.

Historic buildings are often swept away for new offices, apartments or - worst of all, parking garages. As much as we know this flaw in ourselves, we keep doing it anyway.

But something interesting is happening as the Atlanta BeltLine continues to snake its way around the inner city. Developers are eager to connect with surrounding neighborhoods, and want to adopt some of their personality. So it's not uncommon for builders to ask local artists to put up murals on construction fences and buildings.

The latest demonstration of this is a new mural that was reinstated at Junction Krog District, a mid-sized office building just completed on the BeltLine at Irwin Street.

Junction Krog District, a new building in the background on the Atlanta BeltLine, with people, bikes and scooters nearby
Junction Krog District on the Atlanta BeltLine

Atlanta BeltLine Street Art

Before the bulldozers and workers moved in, this plot of land was bordered by a crumbling wall that became a ripe canvas for street art. Local artist Brandon Sadler, who goes by Rising Red Lotus, had painted his vibrant koi fish on the side of the wall facing Irwin Street.

The wall came down when the construction fences went up, and is now replaced with a sparkling metal and glass building.

But a couple of weeks ago, strolling the BeltLine, I spotted Brandon's iconic fish taking shape on a new low wall in the same spot as the previous one. And a few feet away was the artist himself, spray can in hand pointed at the wall.

I stopped to say hi and let him know I was so happy to see him recreating his beautiful mural.

Atlanta artist Brandon Sadler sits on the ground painting fish on a low wall
Atlanta artist Brandon Sadler painting his fish mural

Brandon Sadler art featured in 'Black Panther'

Even if you don't think you know who Brandon is, you probably do. His beautiful murals brighten up our city. If you have walked or biked the BeltLine down to Piedmont Park within the past few years, you may have paused to admire another of his koi paintings under the last bridge before you hit Monroe Drive. (It has since been replaced). And you can find his epic mural portraying the four seasons under a bridge on North Avenue, between Ponce City Market and Kroger. Read more in my previous blog post.

His work has also been collected by the High Museum. More famously, though, you probably saw his art in Shuri's lab in the movie "Black Panther," which helped the film's set designer win an Oscar.

A comic strip mural by Brandon Sadler under the Atlanta BeltLine
Brandon Sadler's mural under the Atlanta BeltLine on North Avenue

A koi mural on the Atlanta BeltLine by Brandon Sadler
You might have seen this koi mural by Brandon Sadler on the Atlanta BeltLine a few years ago

I haven't decided what I think about modern buildings replacing older ones on the BeltLine, but I have to applaud the Junction Krog Street developer for asking Brandon to recreate his gorgeous fish. With the new building, we still have a bit of the old.

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Nicole Gustin, CEO of BiteLines Atlanta Food Tours

An Atlanta native, Nicole Gustin is the Founder and CEO of BiteLines Atlanta Food Tours, which offers walking food tours on the Atlanta BeltLine. She considers the BeltLine her backyard, and is excited to see how Atlanta is reinventing itself. To sample some of Atlanta's best restaurants and street art, join us on our unforgettable Food Tour on the Atlanta BeltLine. Or bring your fur baby on Barks & Bites: Doggie Crawl on the BeltLine. Follow on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram @bitelinesatl.

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